Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick update and eyeshadow experiment pic!

So it was me and Steves anniversary on the 24th, and he took me out for a meal :)
I wanted to do something different with my make up because I always seem to go for a very pinky/ neutral eye look..
So this is what I ended up with!

I used a lemony/white Chili Pepper Eye Shadow Cream all over as a base, then applied Barry M Dazzle Dust in 94 (Teal, I think?) on the lid.
Next, I put another Dazzle Dust (can't read the number on the pot as it's worn off, grr!) in a pinky/ purple shade at the outer corner, and a darker purple Dazzle Dust blended in to the crease.
I put a Mini Bourjois eyeshadow pot (shade 02) on the inner corner, and another Barry M Dazzle Dust (ice pink, I think it's called) on the brow bone as a highlight.
All very shimmery which this crappy camera phone picture doesn't show, unfortunately! :(
At first I was thinking it was too much, so I blended it lots..
Then I just ended up really liking it! So it stayed as it was in the end.
I added a winged-out liquid eyeliner (Bourjois Volume Clubbing), then I used one coat of L'oreal Voluminous mascara in black, then a coat of black Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara over that - I do this every day and I love the false eyelash effect it gives <3
I kept my lips fairly neutral (I think I used a nude Rimmel lipstick with a shimmery honey coloured Claires Accessories lipgloss over the top) as I wanted my eyes to be the focal point :)

Steve really liked it, he said it suited me so off we went for our meal at a place in Chalk Farm called "Marine Ices" - I love it there!
We had lovely food but the best bit was dessert - we had a sundae called "Coppa Stefania"..
It has chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with a kind of hazelnut sauce and crushed nuts, and then whipped cream..
So it's basically a heart attack kind of dessert, but oh so yummy! Haha..
Here is hubby about to attack his sundae!

After we had eaten we went for a random walk along the Embankment and it was lovely..
The iPhone is awful for taking pics, especially in the dark so this was the only one I got :(

It was really nice just wandering along, joking and chatting and not having to worry about the baby - my Mum was babysitting <3
So all in all, a very nice anniversary!

In other news, I ordered the L'oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black last week so I can't wait to get that - I'm dangerously close to running out of my original one!
Panic lol

I've been reading about some of the girls doing Project 10 Pan, which has inspired me to dig out some unloved products of my own before I buy more new things, so once I've got this mascara that's it for a while - I'll be rediscovering my make up and I'm actually really excited about it :)

So that's all for now, I'll write again soon no doubt - this website is so addictive, haha..


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini haul and other stuff..

I went out for lunch and a spot of shopping with my Mum and Nana on Monday and I had a really nice time - I left Oliver at home with Steve for the first time which was a bit heart-wrenching but they survived and so did I, haha! :]

We had a scrummy Chinese for lunch, then I bought these gorgeous things..

L-R: Ms Make Up foundation and concealer brush, Claires Accessories Lipgloss, Mini Bourjois eyeshadow and Palmers lip butter, GOSH bananas eyeliner and GOSH concealer.

I tried the lipgloss as soon as I got out of the shop and I actually really liked it!
It's a nude/ peachy kind of shade with a nice amount of shimmer to it.

I am slightly obsessed with the Palmers lip butter - it smells just like 'After Eight' mint chocolates!! :D Yummm.

I used the foundation brush with my Revlon Colorstay yesterday and I was really impressed - it was easy to use and gave a nice smooth and even effect.
I have to admit that I've fallen in love with the Bourjois eyeshadow - I adore the shimmer and it goes on so nicely - it also stays put for ages..

And the GOSH concealer is lovely - I got it in the palest shade (number 1) and it works really well on my sleep-deprived under eye area :]

So yes, I am a very happy bunny!

I had the usual hit of guilt at spending money on more make up, but having tried it all I have to say I'm glad I did :]
In other news, here is a pic of me and my son yesterday..

His Daddy was out, and after a nice walk in the park with the dog, I thought it was a good time for a mini photo session!

This pic is cute, but he refused to look up, tsk!!
Stubborn baby..

Oliver is 2 months old now and such a character!
He makes me laugh so much, talking in his own little language, smiling loads and even his temper tantrums are amusing and cute to me :]
I'm sure this will wear off in time though, haha!
Sooo, I have two new films to watch, both very different..
One is "The House Bunny", purely because I think it looks silly and funny and that's what I need now really :]
The second one I'm really excited about, and it's "Grey Gardens" - I love drew Barrymore and from what I've heard about this film, I'm going to really enjoy it!
I've also got "Secret Diary of a Call girl" to watch (haven't seen any of it yet) and The Hills (again, haven't seen any of it! Eeeekk..)..
Basically because my son is a demanding little fellow I haven't got time to read, and watching things is so much easier when you're feeding or changing nappies or whaever!
I will also be catching up on my subscriptions on youtube of course, as I can't bear missing out on all the beauty goodness :D
So that's it for now I think, if I think of anything else and I have time, I will write again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

First entry!

Hi everyone - well, whoever reads this! :]
I have been reading a lot of the 'beauty guru' blogs and oh my goodness, they are so addictive!
They make me want to go and buy lots of pretty new things ♥

And seeing as though I'm always on the look out for something new, it's no surprise that I ordered a new foundation online which came in the post today - I love getting things in the post!
I'm like a kid, honestly.
I got Revlons Colorstay because I've heard a lot of good things about it and I like the idea of having long lasting coverage - I have so little time to myself these days, I need something that isn't going to need reapplying lots.
I saw it for £11.75 in Boots but bought it for about £7 on Ebay!
Bargains make me happy :)
I got it in 'Ivory' and it's the perfect match for my super fair skin.
I love this foundation - it really evens out my skintone, and it certainly stays put!
I have a 7 week old son and no matter how much I snuggle him, this foundation does not budge :)
I also really like how healthy and fresh this product made me look - I've been pretty sleep-deprived lately but once I had my foundation on, I looked 10 times better!
The only thing I can think of which isn't great about this foundation is the smell of it in the bottle - it reminds me a little bit of paint!
But once you put it on your skin you really don't smell it anymore.

Another product I got recently that has really got me hooked is actually from Claire's Accessories :o
I was in there looking at hairclips the other day and the lipbalms caught my eye - I picked up one called "Fairy Cakes" as it was the last one there (I thought it must be good if it was selling out!).
And sure enough it's gorgeous - really does smell like sweet fairy cakes and has a lovely texture too; not too sticky and glides on nicely.
A few people have said how nice it smells and asked what it is which is great!
I'm going to pick up another pot soon as it's only £1.50 and I know I will run out in the not too distant future the way I'm going through the stuff!

In other news, I have a horrible cold! :(
My hubby Steve got it first, then I did, and our son Oliver had just started getting the snuffles, sneezing and coughing - I feel so bad that he is poorly!
It's horrid seeing him under the weather.
I've just been taking paracetamol but I think I might need some lemsip or something - not the lemon one though cos it makes me feel really sick :/

Another thing on my mind which is actually a lot more serious than make up and colds, is my Nana and her health..
We found out recently that she had a cancerous lump in her breast and she had an operation to remove it a few days ago.
She seems to be on the mend, but she is due to start radiotherapy soon and I am dreading it..
They say it might make her tired and groggy, but I do hope she won't feel too awful.
I'm also praying that the cancer was caught early (they think it was) and it hasn't spread.
We will hear more about that side of things soon thank goodness; I feel like I really just need to know.

Anyway, I think that's enough for a first entry - I will write more when my little man gives me some time :D ♥