Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini haul and other stuff..

I went out for lunch and a spot of shopping with my Mum and Nana on Monday and I had a really nice time - I left Oliver at home with Steve for the first time which was a bit heart-wrenching but they survived and so did I, haha! :]

We had a scrummy Chinese for lunch, then I bought these gorgeous things..

L-R: Ms Make Up foundation and concealer brush, Claires Accessories Lipgloss, Mini Bourjois eyeshadow and Palmers lip butter, GOSH bananas eyeliner and GOSH concealer.

I tried the lipgloss as soon as I got out of the shop and I actually really liked it!
It's a nude/ peachy kind of shade with a nice amount of shimmer to it.

I am slightly obsessed with the Palmers lip butter - it smells just like 'After Eight' mint chocolates!! :D Yummm.

I used the foundation brush with my Revlon Colorstay yesterday and I was really impressed - it was easy to use and gave a nice smooth and even effect.
I have to admit that I've fallen in love with the Bourjois eyeshadow - I adore the shimmer and it goes on so nicely - it also stays put for ages..

And the GOSH concealer is lovely - I got it in the palest shade (number 1) and it works really well on my sleep-deprived under eye area :]

So yes, I am a very happy bunny!

I had the usual hit of guilt at spending money on more make up, but having tried it all I have to say I'm glad I did :]
In other news, here is a pic of me and my son yesterday..

His Daddy was out, and after a nice walk in the park with the dog, I thought it was a good time for a mini photo session!

This pic is cute, but he refused to look up, tsk!!
Stubborn baby..

Oliver is 2 months old now and such a character!
He makes me laugh so much, talking in his own little language, smiling loads and even his temper tantrums are amusing and cute to me :]
I'm sure this will wear off in time though, haha!
Sooo, I have two new films to watch, both very different..
One is "The House Bunny", purely because I think it looks silly and funny and that's what I need now really :]
The second one I'm really excited about, and it's "Grey Gardens" - I love drew Barrymore and from what I've heard about this film, I'm going to really enjoy it!
I've also got "Secret Diary of a Call girl" to watch (haven't seen any of it yet) and The Hills (again, haven't seen any of it! Eeeekk..)..
Basically because my son is a demanding little fellow I haven't got time to read, and watching things is so much easier when you're feeding or changing nappies or whaever!
I will also be catching up on my subscriptions on youtube of course, as I can't bear missing out on all the beauty goodness :D
So that's it for now I think, if I think of anything else and I have time, I will write again.


Diane said...

hey gorgeous. thanks for following me on twitter (vangdiane). Oliver is quite the handsome guy there!

Sarah said...

Ohhh so much to comment on - first being that your son is SO cute and very handsome! I have no plans to have a baby anytime soon but I am recently an aunty for the first time to a little boy and they are such characters!

Great haul, I also love Palmers lip butter :)

I watched The House Bunny with my boyfriend (very usual for him to watch anything like that haha) and we both really enjoyed it. I saw an interview with Drew about Grey Gardens and I am very interested in watching it.

The Hills and Secret Diary of a Call Girl are my absolute favourite, FAVOURITE shows! I wish I had all that fun of watching them all over again ahead of me - I hope you enjoy them :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Sonya said...

Oliver is sooo adorable, and you look great momma! :D