Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I took Oliver to see the Doctor today, just for a check up - he is now weighing 14lbs (6.58 kg), which is apparently "chunky" (haha!) but still within the normal range :D
I had to giggle - I knew Oliver was having a growth spurt but still..
I'm a very proud Mumma!

I think I have some sort of virus or something, as I've had a horrid tummy and headache for the past couple of days :(
I conked out in bed yesterday evening (Stephens orders!) and slept for what felt like a few minutes, but when I woke up I saw it had been at least an hour, maybe two - eeek.
Luckily Oliver was fast asleep too, so Ste wasn't too stressed!
Okay that sounds silly..
It's just that I'm the main carer for Oliver as Ste works full-time and is often on-call..
So sometimes he's a bit flustered when he is left alone with Bubs.

My Nana bought me something on Ebay, and it came today :D
Yes, that is my over-excitable noise, I apologise..
But oh my goodness, I got the "Dessert Treats" lipglosses by Jessica Simpson
They smell so good though, and they're all gorgeous and sparkly!!
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :p
I wore the "Banana Split" one today and I couldn't stop licking my lips, it's so lush..
Here are pics of the set and the one I wore..

Sorry for two things:
1] the shoddy quality - I took the pics with my iPhone and the cam on it is rubbish :[


2] the rather distracting backgroud in the 2nd pic, haha!
My room is a bit crazy.

The glosses are meant to be lip plumping, and I did notice a slight tingling sensation shortly after applying along with a slight difference in the appearance of my lips..
Next time I will take before and after pics :D

I just took some pics of todays make up..
As I was only going to the Doctors surgery I kept my look very neutral and basic.
I used these products:

We have an Almay "Intense i-Color" powder shadow set - "03 Trio for brown or hazel" - I only used the lisghtest colour in this set for highlighting the browbone and I also used a little in the inner corners of my eyes.
Then we have a Barry M Dazzle Dust in number 44 which was used on the outer corner and crease, and a Mini Bourjois eyeshadow powder in number 2 which I used all over the lid, it's such a pretty golden shimmer, I love it!
I added some GOSH "Bananas" to the inner corner, and then just some black Barry M liner along the upper lashline, followed by 2 coats of black Maybelline "the colossal volum' express" mascara.

With flash..

And without.

This was the overall look:

Complete with messy "the baby just pulled me!" hair and tired eyes of course, haha..

And with that, he is awake so I must love you and leave you :]

Big hugs 'til next time

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know You

Thank you to the lovely Alexis AKA Faffaholic for making this little quiz, I love doing them (always makes me feel like I'm being interviewed!) and I love reading other peoples answers just as much :]
So please, if you haven't done this already and you would like to, go ahead! ♥

Here are my answers:

What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username?
Gosh, this is a long story!
But to cut is short, My Nana always called me "peaches and cream" right from when I was little because of my skin, and once people heard that, it soon got shortened to peaches..
Then of course came the various other versions, like peachylaaa, peachypops etc.. :)

What's your actual name?
Nicola, although I only get caled that when I'm in trouble, haha!
Most people either call me Nic or Nikki.

Do you have any nicknames?
Sooo many!
The funniest one is "Snitch" which my Daddy insists on calling me and always has, but I don't even know why!!
I will never forget being in my birthing pool when I was in labour, and he came upstairs to my room, peeked round the door and went "Alright Snitch?" infront of the midwives and everything!
I was rather embarrassed.

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
Like Alexis I love crafty things!
I adore making things, and I agree that people often don't realise how much time and effort goes in to making someone you care for something special :)
My favourite crafty things are making cards, doing mini story books, making collages from old magazines and photos etc. and customising things like clothing and bags ♥
Although admittedly I don't really have the time for it right now with the baby and everything, bless him.
I love drawing too, although I really don't think I'm any good at it, it's just for fun!

What do you do?
Right now I am a full time Mummy to my little boy, but I used to work in nurseries and schools with babies and children :)
I always knew I wanted to work with animals or children, despite everyone saying you shouldn't and that I must be mad, haha..
But I loved it, and I think that when I return to work I will probably go in to childminding.

What would you like to do?
Well I think I've answered that one, haha!
But yeah, childminding appeals because it is relatively flexible and will fit in nicely with my son, and it's a field of work that I have experience in..
But in a dream world I would love to stay at home with lots of babies and do crafty things for a living! ♥

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
Oh goodness!
I think I mentioned in the last quiz that I did, I basically have zero confidence so everything embarrasses me!
I loooove singing, but will never do it infront of anyone except for my son :)
If anyone ever hears me I get sooo embarrassed and go bright red, it's awful.

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.
Well, takig inspiration from Alexis I will tell you about my tattoo :)
It's at the base of my spine and it's a black butterfly design..
My Dad knew I wanted a tattoo, so for my 20th birthday (why wait 'til your 21st?! haha..) he booked in for us both to go and get one done; it was one of the best days ever.
I chose that particular design to represent the changes I was going through in my life and and the transformation I felt was happening (but that's another story!) :)
I also have a labret piercing whoich I looove!
I was in Camden with my cousin years ago when we randomly decided that we should get piercings, so we did..
Tsk at our randomness!
I wanted to get my lip pierced but the woman in the shop suggested getting the labret done and I'm really glad she did because I like this much more ♥
I would like another tattoo to represent Oliver and any future children I have, but that will be all I get done because my Fiance Stephen really isn't keen on ink :(

What achievement are you most proud of?
Without a shadow of doubt, it's having my son Oliver :)
He was a surprise baby, but I knew the moment I saw him during my first scan that I loved him more than life itself.
He was born at home and I had a waterbirth which was an amazing experience.
I also had no pain relief as I wanted to be as clear-headed as possible..
But that idea kinda didn't work out, as I was so sleepy from 3 days of contractions and no sleep that my head was a mess anyway, haha!
But I will never forget the first time I saw him, being lifted from the water and just being so overwhelmed with love and pride..
I'm nearly crying just writing about it!
I want 3 more babies..
Stephen and I are planning on trying for our next bubba when Oliver is 2 or 3 :)

What do you most like about yourself?
I'm proud of the fact that I don't pretend to be someone I'm not - so many people put on an act just to please others or fit in with a certain crowd, but I feel that it's very simple; if you don't appreciate me for who I am, then it's best that we're not friends! :)
I love it when you meet someone you really click with and you get on so well without trying..

I also like that I am really friendly and very caring - I am quite a maternal person and I love when people come to me for comfort or advice - I'm always here with hugs and a box of tissues!

What would you change about yourself if you could?
Well emotionally, I'd want to be more at peace with myself and have more confidence..
But on a physical level, I'd love to have a nose job (eeekk) and a breast enlargement (after I've had all my babies).
I'd also like to lose my "mummy tummy" and various other wobbly bits, haha!

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?
Ahh, that's a bit deep, for me anyway!
But this blog is for opening up, so pah, why not..
I'd want one more day with my Grandad who passed away years ago :(
I'd want him to have some time with Oliver ♥

So that's that, I hope I didn't bore you my loves! :)

I'm going shopping today, but not for anything fun like make up - I'm trying not to buy anything for while
*sulks* ¬_¬
I just need a few bits like neutrogena face wipes and some body lotion that I'm running out of.
I must be strong and not crumble!
I do not need any more pretty make up.

Wish me luck!

Hugs for all

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Canadian geese and baby chicks! <3


Random waffling!..

Gosh, what a day I had yesterday!
I went shopping with Steve and Oliver, only to find that my Mum still had my cash card from when she took my rent money out of my account - ARGH!
So I had to borrow money from Steve which frustrated me..

I got Oliver his first bottle of sun block :D
It's factor 50, which is actually what I have to use - yes, really.
I am really fair skinned, and I burn whenever I'm in the sun unless I use the highest factor I can get my hands on!
All this and I'm not even a redhead, haha..
The rest of the stuff I bought was so boring I'm not even going to mention it lol

Steve and I are thinking about going to Ikea today to pick Oliver some stuff up from the kids section :]
I love it there!

I had a bit of a rough time at the in-laws though..
We go to see Steves parents every weekend and it's almost always hard for me -
I know it sounds dramatic but it's true :[
Steves Mum is a wee bit overpowering at the best of times, but she's a lot worse when it comes to the baby.
She insists on taking him from me and doing everything, even when I ask her not to, she doesn't really listen at all which upsets me.
When I came home, I had huge hugs with my Mum and she sat Steve and I down and made us talk it out which helped, bless her..
I'm the sort of person who tends to shut down emotionally when I am upset and I won't let anyone in, so I think I needed someone who wasn't directly linked to the situation to make me talk things through.

I'm trying to see today as a fresh start and I'm not thinking about next week 'til it's here.

Ooh, completely off- topic..
I bought In Style magazine yesterday and I got the coral Nails Inc polish :D
I think its so cool that you get such a good quality nail polish for free with a mag that I love anyway ♥

I think I may have mentioned before that my Stepmum was quite an evil person and my Dad is divorcing her - weeeeell..
Now my Dad has been told even more sordid details of her life, haha..
And I find it funny that he called my Mum to tell her all about it and have a good old gossip too!
I love how my parents are friends now, they talk all the time and Mum lets my Dad come and stay for weekends so he can spend time with Oliver and I..
But it's more like a real family atmosphere now than it ever was, and I love it.
We all cook together, chat so much and laugh loads.
Of course I wish that my parents would get back together, but I don't think it will happen, purely cos they're both too stubborn!
Oh well, I'm happy with the way things are now cos I never thought it'd be this good after all that has gone on in the past :]

So anyway.
Today I have the hugest craving for ice cream!!
My sis in law gave me some of her carte dor "caramel cinnamon waffle" yesterday and oh my goodness..!!
She's not doing my diet any favours lol
I'm trying my best to cut down on the not-so-good things that I eat, but there are certain things that I find it so hard to resist!

Ooh little update, cos I started this in the morning and I'm still adding bits to it at nearly 8pm!..
We ended up going to the park today and we fed the ducks, it was lovely!
There were geese too and baby chicks, they were ever so adorable.
And there is an island in the middle of the little lake, and I could hear so many baby bird noises coming from over there - I have to admit my heart melted a bit ♥
I'm such a softie when it comes to animals!
I will post a pic of the birds soon :]
'Til then, big hugs for all!

Friday, May 01, 2009

I've been tagged! 8 things :D

Thank you faffaholic <3

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) Morning chats with my son every day - he makes me smile so much..
2) Shopping trips! I am well and truly addicted O_o
3) Christmas - It's my fave time of the year :)
I look forward to it so much and hope it hurries up, then once it's gone I'm upset!
4) My natural hair colour coming back fully so I can pamper it and make it all lush again :)
Then next time I dye it, I think I'm going for a nice rich chocolate brown colour.
5) Getting married..
I'm not really in a rush, but at the same time I can't wait to make that commitment.
It will be a very pink sparkly affair if I have it my way :p
6) Going back to Wales.
My Fiance is half Welsh and we went there last year - I loved it!
I think we will be staying in Cardiff this time ♥
7) Reaching a point in my life where I am at peace with myself..
I'm really hard on myself and lack confidence, so I can't wait for the day where I finally give myself some credit and stop worrying so much.
8) Buying my first home with my Fiance and our baby..
I am going to love making it a real home and making lots of happy memories there..

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1) Had hayfever :( Lots of sneezing and itchy eyes - not fun!
2) Painted my nails - I used Rimmel lycra pro in "Pop Rose" on my fingers and I can't remember the shade of the one I used on my toes, but it was by Revlon and it was purple with a metallic sheen :D
3) Watched an episode of "The Hills" - oh so trashy but sooo addictive!
I hadn't watched any of it so I'm starting at Season 1 Episode 1 - yay..
4) Gave my son a bubble bath.. He loves it! He nearly flooded my bedroom, he was splashing around so much, haha! ♥
5) Made hot chocolate for the first time in ages - so yummy, but so naughty..
Tsk :(
6) Wore my new bracelet for the first time - my Mum came home with a gorgeous silver bracelet with lots of little beads and pearls on it, all in pink, lilac and white, she's so sweet.
8) Played with my puppy, Milo :)
He's a jack russell terrier and he's a year and a half old now..
He's such a little darling, he makes me smile!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1) Play the piano and bass guitar..
I've been far too scared of failure to try, urgh.
I am a wuss!
I'm determined to do it one day though :)
2) Feel more comfortable talking on the phone - when I was younger I was extremely shy, and although I'm loads better now I still get really flustered in the phone, it's so annoying.
3) Dance! I only do it when I'm drunk because I'm convinced I do it very badly :p
4) Win the lottery or just come in to a decent sum of money somehow - I would love to buy my Mum her dream house in the country and give lots to charity :)
5) Have loads of animals!
My Fiance is a cat person but I love all animals and I would love to take lots of them home from the animal sanctuary ♥
6) Lose my baby weight quicker.
The day after my son was born I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans, but since then I'm battling my "Mummy tummy", haha..
It's a nice reminder of carrying my baby though, so I can't feel too bad about it :)
7) Add more hours to the day! There never seems to be enough.
8) Have my Dad live closer - Essex feels too far away :(

8 Shows I Watch:

1) 10 years younger
2) Anything by David Attenborough - he's amazing and I adore nature and animals :)
3) Anything to do with psychology - I find it fascinating
4) Lost - although I have to admit I'm getting bored of it now :/
5) "Anything with Gok in (I don't even know the names of his shows, I just see the Gok word and watch)" - faffaholic, I'm exactly the same!
I love him :D
6) Katie and Peter: Stateside *blush* ♥
7) 24 - sooo addictive!
8) Girls of the Playboy Mansion - I dont care how embarrassing it is, I love it!

Ahhh, I wish there were more questions!
Now, I'm meant to tag 8 people but erm..
I don't have enough followers!:p
So instead I will say if you see this and you haven't done it, please do.
It's a fun way to get to know people :)

So yeah, other stuff..
I went to see the health visitor with Oliver today, she wanted to just check up on us both and see how we're doing.
He was fast asleep when we first went in, but just as we were about to leave, he woke up and shouted "GOOO!" :D
She rushed over to him and he was smiling at her, it was so cute ♥
She said she's really happy with his development and thinks I am coping very well - yay!
I don't have to see her again unless I feel I need to which is good.
Oliver has an appointment with a doctor to check him over on the 13th, then his first injections soon after that..
Im dreading the jabs because when he had his BCG he was so heartbroken, he cried and cried and went all red in the face - it made me cry!

Hmm, what else..
Mum says we are going to Primark soon which I'm looking forward to :)
Sometimes I go and I can hardly find anything I like, but other times there are so many gorgeous bargains, I leave with 2 huge bags full of clothes and accessories and struggle all the way home!
Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Ooh, something else..
My Dad said he wants to take me to Paris for the day next month, because to cut a long story short, we lost contact for a few years thanks to my ex-evil stepmother and he was planning on taking me to New York back then, which she put a stop to..
So yeah, this is his new plan :D
He's got a lot less money now because of the divorce and everything, but I don't care - I just can't wait to see somewhere new with my Dad - I've never been before, so I'm hugely excited!
I lost my passport when I moved home last year, so I'm finally replacing that.
I sent off the form today but I have a feeling it's going to take forever to get my new passport :(
I will have to tell them to hurry - Paris awaits!! Heehee.

Ooh one more thing - I'm on a roll now, haha..
Oliver is growing so fast, I can't believe it.
He will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and he is already wearing clothes meant for 3-6 month olds :o
He was quite tiny when he was born, so he must be on a massive growth spurt, hooray ♥
I'm far too proud of him, he's so precious.

Anyway, I think that's it for now.
I will try and update asap! :D
Big hugs for all