Friday, May 01, 2009

I've been tagged! 8 things :D

Thank you faffaholic <3

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) Morning chats with my son every day - he makes me smile so much..
2) Shopping trips! I am well and truly addicted O_o
3) Christmas - It's my fave time of the year :)
I look forward to it so much and hope it hurries up, then once it's gone I'm upset!
4) My natural hair colour coming back fully so I can pamper it and make it all lush again :)
Then next time I dye it, I think I'm going for a nice rich chocolate brown colour.
5) Getting married..
I'm not really in a rush, but at the same time I can't wait to make that commitment.
It will be a very pink sparkly affair if I have it my way :p
6) Going back to Wales.
My Fiance is half Welsh and we went there last year - I loved it!
I think we will be staying in Cardiff this time ♥
7) Reaching a point in my life where I am at peace with myself..
I'm really hard on myself and lack confidence, so I can't wait for the day where I finally give myself some credit and stop worrying so much.
8) Buying my first home with my Fiance and our baby..
I am going to love making it a real home and making lots of happy memories there..

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1) Had hayfever :( Lots of sneezing and itchy eyes - not fun!
2) Painted my nails - I used Rimmel lycra pro in "Pop Rose" on my fingers and I can't remember the shade of the one I used on my toes, but it was by Revlon and it was purple with a metallic sheen :D
3) Watched an episode of "The Hills" - oh so trashy but sooo addictive!
I hadn't watched any of it so I'm starting at Season 1 Episode 1 - yay..
4) Gave my son a bubble bath.. He loves it! He nearly flooded my bedroom, he was splashing around so much, haha! ♥
5) Made hot chocolate for the first time in ages - so yummy, but so naughty..
Tsk :(
6) Wore my new bracelet for the first time - my Mum came home with a gorgeous silver bracelet with lots of little beads and pearls on it, all in pink, lilac and white, she's so sweet.
8) Played with my puppy, Milo :)
He's a jack russell terrier and he's a year and a half old now..
He's such a little darling, he makes me smile!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1) Play the piano and bass guitar..
I've been far too scared of failure to try, urgh.
I am a wuss!
I'm determined to do it one day though :)
2) Feel more comfortable talking on the phone - when I was younger I was extremely shy, and although I'm loads better now I still get really flustered in the phone, it's so annoying.
3) Dance! I only do it when I'm drunk because I'm convinced I do it very badly :p
4) Win the lottery or just come in to a decent sum of money somehow - I would love to buy my Mum her dream house in the country and give lots to charity :)
5) Have loads of animals!
My Fiance is a cat person but I love all animals and I would love to take lots of them home from the animal sanctuary ♥
6) Lose my baby weight quicker.
The day after my son was born I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans, but since then I'm battling my "Mummy tummy", haha..
It's a nice reminder of carrying my baby though, so I can't feel too bad about it :)
7) Add more hours to the day! There never seems to be enough.
8) Have my Dad live closer - Essex feels too far away :(

8 Shows I Watch:

1) 10 years younger
2) Anything by David Attenborough - he's amazing and I adore nature and animals :)
3) Anything to do with psychology - I find it fascinating
4) Lost - although I have to admit I'm getting bored of it now :/
5) "Anything with Gok in (I don't even know the names of his shows, I just see the Gok word and watch)" - faffaholic, I'm exactly the same!
I love him :D
6) Katie and Peter: Stateside *blush* ♥
7) 24 - sooo addictive!
8) Girls of the Playboy Mansion - I dont care how embarrassing it is, I love it!

Ahhh, I wish there were more questions!
Now, I'm meant to tag 8 people but erm..
I don't have enough followers!:p
So instead I will say if you see this and you haven't done it, please do.
It's a fun way to get to know people :)

So yeah, other stuff..
I went to see the health visitor with Oliver today, she wanted to just check up on us both and see how we're doing.
He was fast asleep when we first went in, but just as we were about to leave, he woke up and shouted "GOOO!" :D
She rushed over to him and he was smiling at her, it was so cute ♥
She said she's really happy with his development and thinks I am coping very well - yay!
I don't have to see her again unless I feel I need to which is good.
Oliver has an appointment with a doctor to check him over on the 13th, then his first injections soon after that..
Im dreading the jabs because when he had his BCG he was so heartbroken, he cried and cried and went all red in the face - it made me cry!

Hmm, what else..
Mum says we are going to Primark soon which I'm looking forward to :)
Sometimes I go and I can hardly find anything I like, but other times there are so many gorgeous bargains, I leave with 2 huge bags full of clothes and accessories and struggle all the way home!
Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Ooh, something else..
My Dad said he wants to take me to Paris for the day next month, because to cut a long story short, we lost contact for a few years thanks to my ex-evil stepmother and he was planning on taking me to New York back then, which she put a stop to..
So yeah, this is his new plan :D
He's got a lot less money now because of the divorce and everything, but I don't care - I just can't wait to see somewhere new with my Dad - I've never been before, so I'm hugely excited!
I lost my passport when I moved home last year, so I'm finally replacing that.
I sent off the form today but I have a feeling it's going to take forever to get my new passport :(
I will have to tell them to hurry - Paris awaits!! Heehee.

Ooh one more thing - I'm on a roll now, haha..
Oliver is growing so fast, I can't believe it.
He will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and he is already wearing clothes meant for 3-6 month olds :o
He was quite tiny when he was born, so he must be on a massive growth spurt, hooray ♥
I'm far too proud of him, he's so precious.

Anyway, I think that's it for now.
I will try and update asap! :D
Big hugs for all


Sarah said...

My boyfriend and I went to Wales last year and we LOVED it! We went to this tiny village pub and had some of the best food (plus wine and beer) that I have ever had. We also went to Paris - you will love it there!!

The bracelet your mum gave you sounds gorgeous :)

I love how you talk about your son, you can tell how much you love him through what you say about him. Brings tears to my eyes!

Ok.. I am going to get to doing this 8 things tag now!!