Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random waffling!..

Gosh, what a day I had yesterday!
I went shopping with Steve and Oliver, only to find that my Mum still had my cash card from when she took my rent money out of my account - ARGH!
So I had to borrow money from Steve which frustrated me..

I got Oliver his first bottle of sun block :D
It's factor 50, which is actually what I have to use - yes, really.
I am really fair skinned, and I burn whenever I'm in the sun unless I use the highest factor I can get my hands on!
All this and I'm not even a redhead, haha..
The rest of the stuff I bought was so boring I'm not even going to mention it lol

Steve and I are thinking about going to Ikea today to pick Oliver some stuff up from the kids section :]
I love it there!

I had a bit of a rough time at the in-laws though..
We go to see Steves parents every weekend and it's almost always hard for me -
I know it sounds dramatic but it's true :[
Steves Mum is a wee bit overpowering at the best of times, but she's a lot worse when it comes to the baby.
She insists on taking him from me and doing everything, even when I ask her not to, she doesn't really listen at all which upsets me.
When I came home, I had huge hugs with my Mum and she sat Steve and I down and made us talk it out which helped, bless her..
I'm the sort of person who tends to shut down emotionally when I am upset and I won't let anyone in, so I think I needed someone who wasn't directly linked to the situation to make me talk things through.

I'm trying to see today as a fresh start and I'm not thinking about next week 'til it's here.

Ooh, completely off- topic..
I bought In Style magazine yesterday and I got the coral Nails Inc polish :D
I think its so cool that you get such a good quality nail polish for free with a mag that I love anyway ♥

I think I may have mentioned before that my Stepmum was quite an evil person and my Dad is divorcing her - weeeeell..
Now my Dad has been told even more sordid details of her life, haha..
And I find it funny that he called my Mum to tell her all about it and have a good old gossip too!
I love how my parents are friends now, they talk all the time and Mum lets my Dad come and stay for weekends so he can spend time with Oliver and I..
But it's more like a real family atmosphere now than it ever was, and I love it.
We all cook together, chat so much and laugh loads.
Of course I wish that my parents would get back together, but I don't think it will happen, purely cos they're both too stubborn!
Oh well, I'm happy with the way things are now cos I never thought it'd be this good after all that has gone on in the past :]

So anyway.
Today I have the hugest craving for ice cream!!
My sis in law gave me some of her carte dor "caramel cinnamon waffle" yesterday and oh my goodness..!!
She's not doing my diet any favours lol
I'm trying my best to cut down on the not-so-good things that I eat, but there are certain things that I find it so hard to resist!

Ooh little update, cos I started this in the morning and I'm still adding bits to it at nearly 8pm!..
We ended up going to the park today and we fed the ducks, it was lovely!
There were geese too and baby chicks, they were ever so adorable.
And there is an island in the middle of the little lake, and I could hear so many baby bird noises coming from over there - I have to admit my heart melted a bit ♥
I'm such a softie when it comes to animals!
I will post a pic of the birds soon :]
'Til then, big hugs for all!


Nicola said...

Sometimes mother in laws just think they're helping but dont know what they're actually doing to you, you almost feel they think you incompetent & cant do it! i dont have a child but i know the feeling in other areas! so stay strong hun & try & put up with an overbaring grandma!! & just get your cuddles from your man & mum!!
xxx love the pics in the park!

Faffaholic said...

Owww, Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-Law, its horrid when stuff like that happens as you know you can't really say anything. I'm sure it'll get easier over time - she's probably just over excited and not realised what she's doing.

I'm sure it'll get easier over time.

Fab news about your parents - Its very sweet that they're still friends :-)

Glad you've still managed to have a lovely weekend. xx

Sarah said...

Sorry about the in-law thing - it is great you were able to talk about it though. I shut down too, let things build up and it is much worse in the long run and nobody needs that! Hopefully discussing it will let you put it aside until you have to deal with it again.

You would not do well in Australia with your skin. I also have fair skin (thanks to my British father) and spend the first few warm months a nice shade of pink with the occasional red thrown in, lol.

I love Ikea too - the store is so chaotic though as there is only one here and it is always packed!

Yay, I love free gifts with magazines!! Especially when it is makeup or nail polish - anything but another bag as I have about 20 now from magazines!

So nice your parents are still friends :)

I ate almost an entire BLOCK of cadbury chocolate today - clearly not a good diet day for me.

Take care xx