Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I took Oliver to see the Doctor today, just for a check up - he is now weighing 14lbs (6.58 kg), which is apparently "chunky" (haha!) but still within the normal range :D
I had to giggle - I knew Oliver was having a growth spurt but still..
I'm a very proud Mumma!

I think I have some sort of virus or something, as I've had a horrid tummy and headache for the past couple of days :(
I conked out in bed yesterday evening (Stephens orders!) and slept for what felt like a few minutes, but when I woke up I saw it had been at least an hour, maybe two - eeek.
Luckily Oliver was fast asleep too, so Ste wasn't too stressed!
Okay that sounds silly..
It's just that I'm the main carer for Oliver as Ste works full-time and is often on-call..
So sometimes he's a bit flustered when he is left alone with Bubs.

My Nana bought me something on Ebay, and it came today :D
Yes, that is my over-excitable noise, I apologise..
But oh my goodness, I got the "Dessert Treats" lipglosses by Jessica Simpson
They smell so good though, and they're all gorgeous and sparkly!!
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :p
I wore the "Banana Split" one today and I couldn't stop licking my lips, it's so lush..
Here are pics of the set and the one I wore..

Sorry for two things:
1] the shoddy quality - I took the pics with my iPhone and the cam on it is rubbish :[


2] the rather distracting backgroud in the 2nd pic, haha!
My room is a bit crazy.

The glosses are meant to be lip plumping, and I did notice a slight tingling sensation shortly after applying along with a slight difference in the appearance of my lips..
Next time I will take before and after pics :D

I just took some pics of todays make up..
As I was only going to the Doctors surgery I kept my look very neutral and basic.
I used these products:

We have an Almay "Intense i-Color" powder shadow set - "03 Trio for brown or hazel" - I only used the lisghtest colour in this set for highlighting the browbone and I also used a little in the inner corners of my eyes.
Then we have a Barry M Dazzle Dust in number 44 which was used on the outer corner and crease, and a Mini Bourjois eyeshadow powder in number 2 which I used all over the lid, it's such a pretty golden shimmer, I love it!
I added some GOSH "Bananas" to the inner corner, and then just some black Barry M liner along the upper lashline, followed by 2 coats of black Maybelline "the colossal volum' express" mascara.

With flash..

And without.

This was the overall look:

Complete with messy "the baby just pulled me!" hair and tired eyes of course, haha..

And with that, he is awake so I must love you and leave you :]

Big hugs 'til next time


Sarah said...

Mmmm.. yummy lip products!!

LOVE your makeup for the day.

Hope you feel better soon! :)


peachylaaa said...

thank you darling! :D