Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 Questions..

So I've seen a lot of people doing this on YouTube, but since I don't do videos (yet!) I thought I would answer the same questions on here..
I love learning more about people, and I hope you enjoy this post! :)

1] Thing you cannot leave the house without:

This would have to be my handbag - even if I'm just popping to the shop, I'd feel weird if I didn't bring it with me!
It has my purse, make up, iPhone, oyster card, keys and all sorts in it so I'd be lost without it.

2] Favourite brand of make up:

If I've got more money to spend I think it would have to be Benefit, but if we're talking about a basic drug store brand, then it would be between Bourjois and Loreal.
Some other favourites are Barry M, Rimmel and Revlon - it's so hard to pick!

3] Favourite flower:

This is tricky..
It's either going to be rose or lily.

4] Favourite clothing store:

I love Primark for a bargain, and H&M and Topshop for more long lasting clothes.

5] Favouite perfume:

I used to always wear Angel and I still do wear it often, but right now I'm slightly obsessed with Jessica Simpson "Fancy" - it's so sweet smelling, I love it!

6] Heels or flats:

Flats, definitely!
I hardly ever wear heels because as much as I love how they look, they hurt my feet and I walk like an idiot in them, haha..
I used to live in Converse All Star High Tops, but now I love ballerina pumps for everyday wear ♥

7] Do you make good grades:

I've always done well in the more creative subjects, but I was quite rubbish at maths and chemistry and things like that..
My favourite subjects (and the ones I did best at) were English Literature, Drama, History and Design and Technology.
I always had to work hard in order to do well though, I never sailed through things, especially exams as my mind always goes blank when I'm under pressure!
I studied Childcare and Education at college and did well at that, purely because I loved it so much..
When I find a subject difficult or dull, my brain gives up, haha!

8] Favourite colours:

My absolute favourite colour is pink (typical girl!) but I also love teal, peach and coral in particular.

9] Do you drink energy drinks:

I used to drink Red Bull with vodka all the time but I don't anymore.

10] Do you drink juice:

I do - I love all kinds, from orange aquash to Ribena to Mango juice - yum!

11] Do you like swimming:

I love swimming - I'm scared of the sea though so I prefer to swim in pools.
I haven't been in ages though, as there are no nice places to swim near where I live :(
I am determined to take Oliver to Mum and baby swimming group though, so I'm on the look-out for somewhere ♥

12] Do you eat fries with a fork:

Only if I'm at a restaurant or something - if I'm grabbing some while I'm on the go I just make sure I wash my hands and use them instead!

13] Favourite moisturiser:

I love Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser!
I use this stuff every day - it's so inexpensive but it really does the job.

14] Do you want to get married later on in life:

I do, yeah..
I'm determined that I will marry once and it will be for life :)

15] Do you get mad easily:

I never used to but as time has gone by I have got less and less tolerant!
It's not good but I do have a short fuse unfortunately.
The good news is that I never start an argument and I am working on it!

16] Are you in to ghost hunting:

Nooo, I'm too much of a wuss, haha!
But I love scaring myself with shows like Most Haunted :D

17] Do you have any phobias:

Number one would be drowning. I have recurring nightmares about it, urgh.
I used to be petrified of spiders but I'm not so bad now..
I also hate heights and get really dizzy when I look down from high up!

18] Do you bite your nails:

I used to when I was a lot younger, but I only nibble them now when I'm really nervous or upset.

19] Have you ever had a near death experience:

I wouldn't class it as near death, but I was in a car crash and the other car smashed in to the passenger door where I was sitting..
The door crumpled inwards so when I went to get out, the door wouldn't budge.
People were shouting saying the car was leaking petrol, so I was going crazy - you know when you're in such a panic, that your movements get all shaky and clumsy?
Well that's what happened to me, but I finally managed to get out from the drivers side - it was one of the might frightening experiences of my life.

20] Do you drink coffee:

I used to, but now the only hot drinks I have are hot milk and hot chocolate - I drink tea very rarely.

So that's all folks!
I am planning on doing another post tomorrow - it was created by the lovely Zoella and it's all about your most worn items - should be fun!

'Til next time, hugs for all

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my youtube channel..

no make up vids as yet, although i'm considering it..
i do have vids of my son which are very cute and funny :D

go have a look and i'd love it if you commented :]

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm sorry but I just had to blog about this..
Oliver had his bath last night and I did his 3 step bedtime routine, and I put him down to sleep in my Mums room as I was still busy in my room..
He slept from 10.30pm straight through 'til 6am!! :D

Will blog again later with more interesting things, haha

Sunday, June 07, 2009

update and thingsss..

Gosh, I'm so sorry I don't update this more often but I don't seem to have the time, what with the baby and everything :[
I will do my best though! ♥

I have been a bit poorly lately - I had asthma when I was 3 and it went away once I got to secondary school..
But I had an attack a few days ago!
Was so scary..
My Mum was cutting the grass and my hayfever started acting up, which I wasn't really surprised about, but then out of nowhere I couldn't breathe and I was all wheezy and tight in my chest, and so I went to lie down..
But then it got worse so my Mum called an ambulance and they came - I was so embarrassed because all my neighbours were being nosey and looking out of their windows - one even came and stood outside to watch!! :/
I was given a nubuliser and oxygen, then taken to the hospital.
Once I got there they made me do the peak flow meter and we were sitting around for what felt like ages..
Then I got sent home with no meds or anything, because the doctor said they don't like giving people inhalers incase they take them too often >.<
I was so annoyed.
I felt alright and I was just hoping it was a one-off, so I got a cab home.
The next day I still didn't feel right and then my neighbour cut the grass in both her gardens, and sure enough I had another attack, so off to the hospital I went again..
This time I was rushed through and they gave me 6 types of medicine and eventually after hooours of sitting around I was sent home with an inhaler!
I've only had to use it once, but I have this awful cough and I seem to wheeze and rattle in my chest a lot, so I'm going to see my gp next week :[

I hate being ill, it's actually so much harder to look after the baby when I feel so awful.
But he is being such a darling - he's started to really grab at his toys and he always puts them straight in his mouth, haha!
But his poor little gums are rock hard and he's constantly drooling and chewing things so I know he's teething..
He loves standing up and shouting, and he laughs and smiles so much..
I feel so blessed to have him ♥

Yesterday I went to Ikea, Tesco and Mothercare World which was fun but my silly chest kept rattling and I was coughing a lot - I sounded like a heavy smoker, so nasty!
Anyway, I got my friends kids some little pressies, and a couple of things for Oliver of course - can't leave him out! :]
And then I got some candles and pictures and things like that from Ikea..
And I got Oliver new teats for his bottles in Tesco and these things by Tommee Tippee called "gummy teethers" but I ended up getting angry with a really rude and dismissive cashier, and somehow they got left behind - I was gutted because they ddn't have any more of them today, so I had to get them from another shop where they were double the price!
TSK at the stupid cashier man.

I got my Amazon order delivered yesterday morning and I was so excited - I got 3 new books: "Angel Uncovered" by Katie Price and "The Goddess Guide" and "The Goddess Experience" by Gisele Scanlon ♥
I know the Katie Price one is trashy but I love her books, they're too addictive, haha!
The ones by Gisele Scanlon really are amazing - so beautiful to look at and I really can't wait 'til I have time to sit down with a nice hot choccie and look through them properly :]

We also got a new bed with a memory foam matress and oh my goodness - I love it!
It's so comfy and I haven't had a bad back since we got it.
The only thing is that when you're getting in and out of it, there's no bounce to sort of help you move, so you feel uber heavy!
At least it's a mini workout though, haha :D

A couple of lovely things I got lately:

The first one being this bag from Primark - I saw a girl walking down the street with it and I knew I had to have one - it combines two of my fave things; leopard print and sequins, yay..

And then this little lot..

This was not bought all in one go, this was over the period of a month maybe!
We have the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara which came free with Glamour magazine - I used it for the first time yesterday and I love it :D
Then Jessica Simpsons perfume caled "Fancy" - I love this because it smells so sweet and it lasts all day - I'm going to get the bigger bottle now I know i really like it.
I also got the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in "Nude Beige" which I wanted since I very first saw it, and I found it online for about £14 so yay - it's well worth the money as it's so creamy and doesn't dry my lips out at all - I'm in love with the colour too!
I'm slighty mad about peach blush at the moment so I've been looking for one, and I found this Me Me Me Cheek'E cream blush in Superdrug which is amazing - the colour is perfect for me and it really stays put on my skin all day which is a must for me because I have almost no time for touch-ups throughout the day.

My Mum bought me this make up case from a random little shop, and it was only £4 :o
It's gorgeous!

Pink's my fave colour so she knows that when there is something pink AND related to make up, I have to have it!

Now, on to my iPhone :]
When Ste originally gave it to me on my birthday he had already applied this Hello Kitty sticker cover thing, which I adore so much!


And back:

And he just got me a hard cover so I don't feel paranoid about ruining it - I just put this on when I'm out and about or there is a bit of craziness going on in the house with kids and whatnot..

It's gorgeous - reminds me of ice cream for some reason!

When I was in Tesco yesterday I got this sock thing to keep it ultra pristine - yes, I am a perfectionist, and yes, I know it's silly, but I love it :]

Next to it is a cute little notebook which I'm going to keep in my handbag as I'm always forgetting things, and this will be perfect for little notes and lists :]

Ooh and before I forget - there is one thing I'm really pleased with, and that's just a very basic fluffy eyeshadow brush I bought at Boots for just over £4 I think, something like that - I was tempted to get a mac fluffy brush but I saw this and thought I'd try it before I splashed the cash on the more expensive one..

I have been using this brush so much since I got it!
It's nice and soft and it blends reeeeally well, with minimal shedding which is always a bonus!
There's nothing quite so annoying as brush fluff all over your lovely made-up face.

So yeah, I think that's about it for now.
I will try and update again just as soon as I can, please be patient with me :]
Hugs and sparkles