Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 Questions..

So I've seen a lot of people doing this on YouTube, but since I don't do videos (yet!) I thought I would answer the same questions on here..
I love learning more about people, and I hope you enjoy this post! :)

1] Thing you cannot leave the house without:

This would have to be my handbag - even if I'm just popping to the shop, I'd feel weird if I didn't bring it with me!
It has my purse, make up, iPhone, oyster card, keys and all sorts in it so I'd be lost without it.

2] Favourite brand of make up:

If I've got more money to spend I think it would have to be Benefit, but if we're talking about a basic drug store brand, then it would be between Bourjois and Loreal.
Some other favourites are Barry M, Rimmel and Revlon - it's so hard to pick!

3] Favourite flower:

This is tricky..
It's either going to be rose or lily.

4] Favourite clothing store:

I love Primark for a bargain, and H&M and Topshop for more long lasting clothes.

5] Favouite perfume:

I used to always wear Angel and I still do wear it often, but right now I'm slightly obsessed with Jessica Simpson "Fancy" - it's so sweet smelling, I love it!

6] Heels or flats:

Flats, definitely!
I hardly ever wear heels because as much as I love how they look, they hurt my feet and I walk like an idiot in them, haha..
I used to live in Converse All Star High Tops, but now I love ballerina pumps for everyday wear ♥

7] Do you make good grades:

I've always done well in the more creative subjects, but I was quite rubbish at maths and chemistry and things like that..
My favourite subjects (and the ones I did best at) were English Literature, Drama, History and Design and Technology.
I always had to work hard in order to do well though, I never sailed through things, especially exams as my mind always goes blank when I'm under pressure!
I studied Childcare and Education at college and did well at that, purely because I loved it so much..
When I find a subject difficult or dull, my brain gives up, haha!

8] Favourite colours:

My absolute favourite colour is pink (typical girl!) but I also love teal, peach and coral in particular.

9] Do you drink energy drinks:

I used to drink Red Bull with vodka all the time but I don't anymore.

10] Do you drink juice:

I do - I love all kinds, from orange aquash to Ribena to Mango juice - yum!

11] Do you like swimming:

I love swimming - I'm scared of the sea though so I prefer to swim in pools.
I haven't been in ages though, as there are no nice places to swim near where I live :(
I am determined to take Oliver to Mum and baby swimming group though, so I'm on the look-out for somewhere ♥

12] Do you eat fries with a fork:

Only if I'm at a restaurant or something - if I'm grabbing some while I'm on the go I just make sure I wash my hands and use them instead!

13] Favourite moisturiser:

I love Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser!
I use this stuff every day - it's so inexpensive but it really does the job.

14] Do you want to get married later on in life:

I do, yeah..
I'm determined that I will marry once and it will be for life :)

15] Do you get mad easily:

I never used to but as time has gone by I have got less and less tolerant!
It's not good but I do have a short fuse unfortunately.
The good news is that I never start an argument and I am working on it!

16] Are you in to ghost hunting:

Nooo, I'm too much of a wuss, haha!
But I love scaring myself with shows like Most Haunted :D

17] Do you have any phobias:

Number one would be drowning. I have recurring nightmares about it, urgh.
I used to be petrified of spiders but I'm not so bad now..
I also hate heights and get really dizzy when I look down from high up!

18] Do you bite your nails:

I used to when I was a lot younger, but I only nibble them now when I'm really nervous or upset.

19] Have you ever had a near death experience:

I wouldn't class it as near death, but I was in a car crash and the other car smashed in to the passenger door where I was sitting..
The door crumpled inwards so when I went to get out, the door wouldn't budge.
People were shouting saying the car was leaking petrol, so I was going crazy - you know when you're in such a panic, that your movements get all shaky and clumsy?
Well that's what happened to me, but I finally managed to get out from the drivers side - it was one of the might frightening experiences of my life.

20] Do you drink coffee:

I used to, but now the only hot drinks I have are hot milk and hot chocolate - I drink tea very rarely.

So that's all folks!
I am planning on doing another post tomorrow - it was created by the lovely Zoella and it's all about your most worn items - should be fun!

'Til next time, hugs for all