Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello again all! A couple of things, pics..

So I know it's been a while, but to make up for my absence I've got quite a few posts planned :)

This one is going to be about some lush new things I've bought recently and I'll be telling you all about them, plus I've been experimenting with some lip combinations so I will be showing you those too ♥

I've been going through a bit of a tough time lately and as a result, I think I've been doing a little more retail therapy than usual, haha..
But I can't complain, as I have got some new products that I love to bits.

The first thing is a moisturiser that I have really gone crazy about - I am going to buy back-ups because I am scared I'll run out of it!
It's the Beautifully delicious handlucious honey and almond hand lotion with honey and sweet almond oil for normal to dry skin - what a mouthful :D

I was wandering through Boots looking for a cleanser that my Mum had asked me to pick up for her when I saw this..
Now, I may have mentioned before that I adore sweet smelling products, especially ones with vanilla, honey and yummy things like that in them, so when I saw this lotion I grabbed it and sniffed it, and oh my goodness it is gorgeous..
The scent isn't overpowering at all but it leaves a nice light smell on the skin and it sinks in quickly too which is great as I really hate it when you end up with a greasy feeling for ages.
If you see this and you like the smell, do give it a go because it's inexpensive, comes in a nice big tube and makes you smell divine!

Now on to the next thing..
I have an Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in "Shimmering Pink" and I love it lots so I decided to try another colour :)
The one I liked the best was "Pink Champagne"

I love this gloss! I'm mad about lip products anyway but I have been wearing this so much since I got it.
It looks really pretty, especially for summer ♥
It's not too sticky and it doesn't have too much sparkle in it, just a nice amount of shimmer.

Now as I was going to pay I saw that Elizabeth Arden had a reduced area so I had to have a look - bad girl that I am, I should have just ignored it!
I saw the Sun Goddess Bronzing Powder and I had been wanting to try it, so of course I got that as well - oops.

I think the packaging is so pretty, it's probably part of the reason I was so drawn to it!
And I adore the brush - it's so fluffy and soft and I've also used it for blush and powder and it works so well - I'm so glad it came with the bronzer.
As for the bronzer itself, it's gorgeous.
It's got a lighter part which gives a nice shimmer but it's not glittery at all.
I use this bronzer for contouring as I have crazily pale skin and it looks gorgeous, I am in love!

Now, despite this little spending splurge, I have actually been going through all my make up and making an effort to use things I have neglected.
I found a couple of lipsticks that I never really wear - the first one being a Boots No7 Moisture Drench in Sugar Plum - it's just too much of a dark brown-ish colour for me to carry off.
It came as part of a gift set and I was thinking about whether I wanted to sell it or give it away when my eyes went to a lipgloss that had also been used very little..
Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Plum Solitaire :)

I applied the lipstick using my finger and then dabbed the gloss over the top and I really liked the outcome!
This gave a much pinker look to it and I thought it was really pretty.
This inspired me to try out some other combinations using lip products I had forgotten about and next up was my Barry M Lip Paint in number 52, and a lip gloss by the same brand in number 27.

The gloss made the colour of the lipstick so much milkier and I think it looks great - I will definitely wear it now!

Here are both combinations:

with flash-

and without-

So that's it for now, keep a look out for more posts soon - I have more new buys to share with you and will also be showing you my make up storage :)

Hugs as always



Sarah said...

You look amazing, I want your eyebrows!!!

Fantastic purchases.. the hand lotion sounds yummy!!

Hope everything is ok :) xox

peachylaaa said...

aww thank you so much darling!
very sweet of you to say :)
the lotion is gorgeous, i never want to run out, haha..
yeah, thangs are alright now i think, have just had a bit of a poo time lately but hoping things are back on the up <3
thanks for commenting sweetie!