Saturday, September 19, 2009

Product Rave and Update..

Hello all! :)
If anybody actually reads this I mean, haha!
You will have to excuse me if I ramble a bit in this post; I have been doing the housework and rushing around like a mad woman all day so I am a bit hyper..

I just wanted to give you a little update and talk about a product that has received a lot of attention already, but I wanted to just add my opinion to the mix.

The product is the L'oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer and I really love it!

♥ So the website says:


Inspired by professional make-up, this primer masks wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin, making the complexion incredibly smooth with a velvety touch. Skin feels soft as if resurfaced.
Apply the Smoothing Resurfacing Primer on shadowy areas such as under the eye, and on the least smooth areas: the forehead, the sides of the nostrils and around the mouth, to stop lipstick from running.
Apply in little dabs, always smoothing the primer from the inside to the outside of the face (so as to avoid any tide-marks on the edges of the face).

The high elastomer content in the Smoothing Primer means that it has a beautifully smooth texture and is incredibly effective at disguising wrinkles and pores. The combination of soft, light powders gives a matte look and a silky finish.
Silicone oil makes the Primer pleasant and easy to apply and it leaves no greasy residue. Used alone or under foundation, this primer is the perfect base for foundation."

♥ I had been meaning to get a primer for quite some time now but I never knew which one to try..
The ones I had looked at all seemed to be expensive and I was worried I wouldn't even make the right choice - at those sorts of prices it just wasn't worth it for me.
I have some open pores around my nose and my skin is far from flawless in general, so when I heard about this primer I thought I would go and try it out in the shop.
I wasn't brave enough to actually put it on my face (testers are ikky) so I put some on my hand, and it was so silky and really evened my skin tone and texture out; I was impressed to say the least!
When I saw the price (£12.99) I though it was quite steep for a small pot (15ml), so I didn't get it that day.
But when I was out shopping a few days later I saw it on special offer in Superdrug for £9.99, and that's when I caved in, haha!
I actually didn't try it out for a few days as I was at home busy and had no time, but when I did give it a go I was smitten.
It evens out my skin and gives it such a soft feel.
I also notice that it does a pretty good job at hiding my pores which have always been noticable to me; my skin generally seems significantly smoother which is great.
A little of this product does go a long way and I only use it a couple of times a week anyway because I don't often wear a full face of make up now, so I have high hopes of my lovely little pot lasting me quite a while :D

So that's that.
In other news, I am on a diet!
The mother in law accused me of being pregnant again so I know I have to do something to shift my 'Mummy tummy'.
I have been in my own little Oliver bubble and thoughts of working out and cramming in lots of veggies had escaped my head to be honest.
But that comment really hurt and now I am being super strict about what I eat.
I know that I am not going to work out tons because to put it quite simply - I would rather spend my time focusing on my son; after all, that is why I don't have a job right now.
But on a day like today where Oliver is out with his Dad and I have free time, I know I can fit in a lengthy Nintendo Wii Fit session, yay :D
I actually love it, it's soooo addictive ♥
My Mum said she will watch Oliver for me when she isn't too busy so I can do my exercise which is good of her.
I have to say, the diet is a bit crap..
I'm not eating much and what I do eat is so bland, so I am going to look up some healthy recipies and have a good think about what I need to get from the shops to cook with.

Hmm, what else..
Oliver will be 7 months old in a couple of days (the 21st) and I honestly cannot believe it - he is growing up too fast!
He says "Umma" and "Ummeeeee!" now which is adorable..
Still no Dada which angers Ste no end!
Oliver is getting super active now, and wants me to hold his hands all the time while he toddles around which makes my heart melt.
As far as crawling goes, he isn't keen!
He will roll on to his tummy, tuck his legs up and push himself up with his arms, rock about a bit then that's it, he's bored!
I honestly think he will skip crawling and just walk when he is ready.
He can shuffle around on his tummy just fine if he has to, but he prefers walking! :D
I am going to buy him a walk along toy that he can push and hold on to, can't wait to see him with that ♥
He is doing really well with his weaning, he'll sometimes have a breakfast or lunch, he eats a good dinner and dessert, he has rice cakes, fruit, veggies, all sorts to snack on - it's so sweet to see him munching away!
He is teething and a bit miserable because of it, but bearing up well really.

So that's it for now darlings, I will try and blog again soon :D
Hugs as always

Sunday, September 13, 2009


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I have been told that some people are unable to post comments on my blog and if that is the case then I need to fix it! :(

Any help would be appreciated, hugs as always

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mamasakio :D <3

Now, this is a really important post for me so I'm hoping plenty of people read this! :D

I have discovered that a wonderful lady I know called Shirley, a London based artisan, makes and sells beautiful handcrafted jewellery - after seeing her work myself I cannot articulate enough how wonderful it is..

Shirleys work is simple yet so stunning, and you can see the time, care and thoughtfulness that has gone in to each and every creation.

Shirleys jewellery is made from a number of gorgeous materials; beads, semi precious gems and stones, clay and mother of pearl..

She uses colours and patterns in keeping with current and future seasons and trends, so you can match your new piece to your latest fashion finds!

Her pieces are of a high quality and finished to a standard that you would expect to pay a lot more for - her prices are ever so reasonable and she also offers free shipping no matter where you live!
You can't say fairer than that :)

I also have to add that if you follow her blog which I will link you to below, you will get a 10% discount off your order..
If you become a fan on Facebook (again, links below), you will get an additional 10% off!

Mamasakio Blogger Website - Follow blog for your 10% discount

Mamasakio Etsy Shop

Mamasakio Zibbet Shop

Mamasakio Dawanda Shop

Mamasakio Facebook Page - Become a fan for 10% discount!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Shiley at:

Okay so that is it for now darlings, if you want to leave a comment on this post please do, as I would like to be able to give Shirley some feedback :D

Hugs as always

Friday, September 11, 2009

Last weekend..

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend my Dad came to stay.
Whenever he comes round we make some really awesome food and this weekend was no different!
On Saturday we had a pot roast chicken with looooads of veg and some fresh walnut bread - it was delicious!

Clearly I enjoy my food, I ate it all! Haha ♥

Sunday we had beef wellington with more veggies and roasties, with a really yummy homemade gravy - my battery on my camera died so alas, I have no pics :(

So beef wellington looks like this, but we had our meat more well done as I am super fussy about stuff like that :p

I'm convinced my Dad should be a chef as he has a real passion for cooking and always wants to try new things..
I hope one day he has the money to start up a little place where he can make peoples tummies happy with his scrummy dishes! ♥

In other news, my son Oliver went in his paddling pool for the first time on Tuesday and it was SO adorable to see - he loved it!
Here are a few pics of his private pool party ^.^

Lastly, if you like handmade jewellery, make sure you check out my blog over the weekend as I have found a wonderful London based artisan who makes gorgeous pieces for very affordable prices - the free shipping is a lovely bonus!

Hugs as always

Saturday, September 05, 2009

My weekend so far..

My last couple of posts have been purely make up related, so I thought I would do a more personal chit-chat type one tonight :)

My Dad lives in Essex and only comes down to stay a weekend in every month, and he came down on Friday evening.
I was so happy to see him, and Oliver grinned as soon as he saw his Grandad ♥
It was adorable. They are real playmates!
Always laughing and tumbling around..

Friday night we had an Indian takeaway, some wine and just chatted loads, it was lovely.
We stayed up late laughing and before I knew it was nearly one am! :o
So I staggered off to bed and left Dad on the sofa to crash out.

Today has been lovely - lots more chats, laughs, getting hysterical over The X Factor, drinking the rest of our wine, and Dad made us a delicious pot roast chicken with loads of veggies and fresh walnut bread - yummm!
He is quite the chef.
Tomorrow he is making beef wellington which I am really looking forward to as I've never had it before.

Oliver always gets really cheeky and noisey when his Grandad is here, and this weekend has been no different - today while he was having his dinner he decided to start grinning and blowing the loudest rasberries at his Grandaddy!
My Dad couldn't stop laughing and the pair of them were doing that for aaaages!
In the end I couldn't help laughing too, and we all ended up with tears in our eyes - Oliver is such a little showman and always has us in stitches.

I always feel a little bit sad about how fast the weekend goes by when my Dad is here - it's true what they say; time really does fly when you're having fun :(
I will be glad when he gets a car, as he will be able to get here a lot more often and we have lots of little trips planned! :)

We are also talking about all going for a family holiday some time early next year which I am really looking forward to - my Dad and I have been through a lot and I just feel so blessed that our Father-Daughter relationship is now more solid and loving than ever ♥

I also feel incredibly proud of how my parents have maintained a relationship of sorts - they are firm friends and the three of us chat and laugh away, despite them being divorced.
As I type this my Mum is serving Dad some fruit cake and has just given him a cuppa!
I think it's lovely and so mature of them.
It makes life so much nicer for me and Oliver.

Ooh, talking of family, on Friday my Mum and I went to do some food shopping for the weekend, and we ended up looking in a store in Enfield Town called "Pearsons"..
It is so old fashioned but they have some lovely make up counters with really nice, easy-going staff who let you swatch and chat away without hassling you (thank goodness, I hate feeling pressured when I'm browsing!)..
We looked at Dior, Chanel, YSL, Clarins, Benefit, all sorts.
I was very restrained and didn't buy anything this time, although I was very tempted!
I saw quite a few things that made me swoon, I have to admit :)
I am determined to get my hands on the Benefit eyeshadow in "Leggy" - I swatched it (twice now, why haven't I bought it yet?!) and feel in love - the shimmer and velvety finish is just pinky perfection.
Some of the other shades were very tempting too but that was the one that really stood out as a must-have for me.

I also keep looking at the YSL lip glosses and there is one called "Golden Whisper" - it looks almost white in the tube with a lot of shimmer, and the way it sparkles just reminds me of diamonds :)
So beautiful.

The other YSL product that got my attention was this eyeshadow quad in "Nude"..

So lush!!

Anyway, I think that's it for now..
I will update tomorrow evening though - I hope this post hasn't bored you!

Big hugs for anyone who reads this

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Make Up Storage :)

Hello again all, I hope you are all well and happy! ♥

I have a little bit of time to myself as Oliver is napping, so today I thought I would do a post about my make up storage - I have seen quite a few YouTube vids and various blogs about this subject and I'm always fascinated by them, so I thought I'd join in :)
My storage is pretty basic and not the most organised solution, but for now it suits me and it'll do.

So let's crack on :D

Here is a pic of my storage.
I bought the drawer sets and see-through containers from Poundland of all places!
You should know by now I love my pink things, so these suit me perfectly.

This is the top of the left hand set of drawers - there is a Boots make up bag containing my various foundations, then in front of that is a Marilyn Monroe make up bag I got free when I ordered from :D yay!
This holds my make up brushes and my mirror, tweezers, things like that.
Then right at the front is my Eyeko Tinted Cream, a Too Faced Glitter and a Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping ♥

On the other side are containers holding all my lipsticks and lip glosses - I have WAY too many but what can I say, I'm an addict >.<

Then here we have the 1st drawer in the left hand stack.
This holds my concealers and various powders.
You can see my trusty Boi-ing Benefit concealer here, love the stuff!

The second drawer holds my blush and highlighting products - I have all sorts in here; Bourjois, Avon, Maybelline, 2True, No7. Me Me Me..
I love this drawer, I am slightly addicted to trying out different things!

Third drawer down holds my lip prep products - I have all sorts of lip balms in here, I am willing to admit I may have too many :p
This drawer also holds my Witch Sticks and I adoooore them - anytime I have a spot I apply this product and it drys and heals them up a treat - magic!

Fourth drawer is eyeshadows.
Again, it's quite a mix with producs from Bourjois, Pout, L'oreal, Jane, Rimmel and more.

The fifth drawer might actually be my favourite :)
It is packed with Barry M Dazzle Dusts and fine Glitters, eye primer and eyeshadow sticks from GOSH, Mini Bourjois eyeshadow powders - all sorts! ♥

Sixth drawer is eyeshadows again..
More Rimmel, Bourjois, some Urban Decay, Chili Pepper cream and powder eyeshadows, FCUK, L'oreal and more.

The top drawer on the right hand stack mostly has random eyeshadow palettes in it, as well as a couple of Too Faced products - I love the one on top best; The Little Pink Book ♥

Second drawer is for my Sleek palettes, my Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow, and a H&M eyeshadow palette my friend Alina bought me :)

The third drawer holds assorted eyeliners (both liquid and khol), a pot of Barry M Glitter, some Spectacular glitter (yes, I like my sparkles!) and Revlon Vital Radiance cream eyeshadows.

The bottom two drawers are empty right now as I still have some other products to organise, so this is the last drawer..
Number 4 holds my mascaras, nearly all of which are almost empty or are drying out :(
Oh well, more shopping! ♥ Haha :D
I always use volumising mascaras and I reaaaally hope the L'oreal Voluminous isn't being discontinued which I have heard is true :(
If they do discontinue it, I think there will be such an outcry from all its fans that they will have to bring it back!

And that's it for now lovlies!
Once I have sorted out the other two drawers that are empty I will do an update.
Also expect a post about my first MAC cosmetics in the not too distant future :D

Hugs and kisses