Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you are experiencing any problems commenting on my posts, please email me at:

I have been told that some people are unable to post comments on my blog and if that is the case then I need to fix it! :(

Any help would be appreciated, hugs as always


Sarah said...

Sometimes I can comment and sometimes I cannot - I think the layout messes up the comment box when your post is long? For the posts where I cannot see or press the Post Comment or Preview buttons I tab through to them and hit enter.

Hope you can get it sorted out!! xx

Sarah said...

^^ Nope, it does not matter about the length of the post as it did it that time too and I had to tab through and enter. Not quite sure what the porblem is as I have seen people use this and other similar layouts before and it has not caused a problem!

peachylaaa said...

i am SO baffled, i don't know why it's not working properly :(
thanks hun
x x