Friday, September 11, 2009

Last weekend..

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend my Dad came to stay.
Whenever he comes round we make some really awesome food and this weekend was no different!
On Saturday we had a pot roast chicken with looooads of veg and some fresh walnut bread - it was delicious!

Clearly I enjoy my food, I ate it all! Haha ♥

Sunday we had beef wellington with more veggies and roasties, with a really yummy homemade gravy - my battery on my camera died so alas, I have no pics :(

So beef wellington looks like this, but we had our meat more well done as I am super fussy about stuff like that :p

I'm convinced my Dad should be a chef as he has a real passion for cooking and always wants to try new things..
I hope one day he has the money to start up a little place where he can make peoples tummies happy with his scrummy dishes! ♥

In other news, my son Oliver went in his paddling pool for the first time on Tuesday and it was SO adorable to see - he loved it!
Here are a few pics of his private pool party ^.^

Lastly, if you like handmade jewellery, make sure you check out my blog over the weekend as I have found a wonderful London based artisan who makes gorgeous pieces for very affordable prices - the free shipping is a lovely bonus!

Hugs as always