Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Make Up Storage :)

Hello again all, I hope you are all well and happy! ♥

I have a little bit of time to myself as Oliver is napping, so today I thought I would do a post about my make up storage - I have seen quite a few YouTube vids and various blogs about this subject and I'm always fascinated by them, so I thought I'd join in :)
My storage is pretty basic and not the most organised solution, but for now it suits me and it'll do.

So let's crack on :D

Here is a pic of my storage.
I bought the drawer sets and see-through containers from Poundland of all places!
You should know by now I love my pink things, so these suit me perfectly.

This is the top of the left hand set of drawers - there is a Boots make up bag containing my various foundations, then in front of that is a Marilyn Monroe make up bag I got free when I ordered from :D yay!
This holds my make up brushes and my mirror, tweezers, things like that.
Then right at the front is my Eyeko Tinted Cream, a Too Faced Glitter and a Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping ♥

On the other side are containers holding all my lipsticks and lip glosses - I have WAY too many but what can I say, I'm an addict >.<

Then here we have the 1st drawer in the left hand stack.
This holds my concealers and various powders.
You can see my trusty Boi-ing Benefit concealer here, love the stuff!

The second drawer holds my blush and highlighting products - I have all sorts in here; Bourjois, Avon, Maybelline, 2True, No7. Me Me Me..
I love this drawer, I am slightly addicted to trying out different things!

Third drawer down holds my lip prep products - I have all sorts of lip balms in here, I am willing to admit I may have too many :p
This drawer also holds my Witch Sticks and I adoooore them - anytime I have a spot I apply this product and it drys and heals them up a treat - magic!

Fourth drawer is eyeshadows.
Again, it's quite a mix with producs from Bourjois, Pout, L'oreal, Jane, Rimmel and more.

The fifth drawer might actually be my favourite :)
It is packed with Barry M Dazzle Dusts and fine Glitters, eye primer and eyeshadow sticks from GOSH, Mini Bourjois eyeshadow powders - all sorts! ♥

Sixth drawer is eyeshadows again..
More Rimmel, Bourjois, some Urban Decay, Chili Pepper cream and powder eyeshadows, FCUK, L'oreal and more.

The top drawer on the right hand stack mostly has random eyeshadow palettes in it, as well as a couple of Too Faced products - I love the one on top best; The Little Pink Book ♥

Second drawer is for my Sleek palettes, my Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow, and a H&M eyeshadow palette my friend Alina bought me :)

The third drawer holds assorted eyeliners (both liquid and khol), a pot of Barry M Glitter, some Spectacular glitter (yes, I like my sparkles!) and Revlon Vital Radiance cream eyeshadows.

The bottom two drawers are empty right now as I still have some other products to organise, so this is the last drawer..
Number 4 holds my mascaras, nearly all of which are almost empty or are drying out :(
Oh well, more shopping! ♥ Haha :D
I always use volumising mascaras and I reaaaally hope the L'oreal Voluminous isn't being discontinued which I have heard is true :(
If they do discontinue it, I think there will be such an outcry from all its fans that they will have to bring it back!

And that's it for now lovlies!
Once I have sorted out the other two drawers that are empty I will do an update.
Also expect a post about my first MAC cosmetics in the not too distant future :D

Hugs and kisses


Sarah said...

Ohh wow, you have so much stuff!! I thought I was bad, haha.

Hope you are well xxx