Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long overdue post!

I am so sorry I haven't been posting!
Life is hectic right now and I won't even begin to explain it all..
I will just say that a lot of it is family problems with a bit of relationship drama thrown in, plus my son has just cut his first tooth (finally!! at last!) so he's not been the happiest bunny lately either.

To be quite honest the last thing I've felt like doing when I've had spare time is blogging so I've been immersing myself in books.
I am a complete bookwork, at least I was before my son was born - I don't have as much time as I used to now, and although I wouldn't swap my precious baby boy for the world, I admit I have missed my reading!
Along with reading other books, I have now jumped on the whole Twilight bandwagon and I bought the first three books in one go - I am on the third one now (Eclipse) and I have to say I am loving them!
They are so addicitive :)
So needless to say, the fourth book is on my Dear Santa.. list <3
I watched the Twilight film and I wasn't impressed - I thought it really let the book down as the acting wasn't believable and I didn't feel I could connect with any of the chracters :(
Having said that, I still plan on seeing "New Moon", haha!
I am silly.

Also, when I've had the chance I've been heading out to the shops to pick myself and Oliver up some treats - yes, I am a shopaholic, guilty as charged I'm afraid.
I have been taking pictures of the things I thought might interest readers of this blog (I am grateful to you girls!) so I will be posting pictures of them all in time - for now here is one of a few bits I'm loving..

Okay, so we have a Nails Inc nailpolish I got free with In Style magazine (love the freebies, yay) - I am a fan of nude coloured polishes so I have been reaching for this quite often.
It dries quite quickly which is good for when you're running around with kids and don't have time for a proper manicure and lasts a good few days with no chipping.
Benefit Erase Paste is something I have been wanting for ages and for some bizarre reason I only got my hands on it a few weeks ago!
All the hype I've heard about it is true in my opinion; my "sleepless night" eyes seriously need some hefty concealing and this product certainly does the job for me ♥
Then we have the Mini Bourjois 3D Effet lip gloss - I actually can't find a name on the container but never mind - it's basically a peachy pinky colour and I adore it!
I love little mini products you can just chuck in your handbag/ baby changing bag and they don't take up much room so this sort of thing is ideal for me - I adore the colour of it too, it's natural but fresh looking.
I've been using it with this Rimmel lipstick in "Foxy" - I don't know how this has lipstick has escaped me until now! It's gorrrrgeous.
It's a lip plumping product so it does make your lips tingle but it's not painful and the effect is slight - no crazy trout pout for me :)
The Rimmel nailpolish in "Rose Libertine" is perfect for toes or on fingernails if you're going out - it's a bright peachy coraly colour and I really love this - it dries quickly and lasts well, plus Rimmel products won't break the bank either.

So in other news, Oliver turned 9 months on the 21st of November - I felt very wistful that day and said to him "9 months in mummas tummy, and now 9 months in the big world!" :) ♥
I felt so proud of him - he's such a fierce little character; very independent, willful, loves to chatter and move about all the time, he adores songs and stories, will happily smile and go to anybody..
He's my precious little angel and I honestly couldn't love him more if I tried..

Okay so I will be posting again soon with more of a proper update and more pics of pretty new things, promise :)
Hopefully come new year I won't have to make a resolution to try harder with this blog!
If anyone is still reading this, thank you so much for persevering with me, I know I am rubbish but I will try to make this a more enjoyable read ♥

Hugs as always


Jo said...

Its such a fantastic moment when you see they've cut their first tooth isn't it. I was all excited, went out and bought Harvey a toothbrush straight away haha. Hes so gorgeous, and all that hair!!! my Harveys a lil' baldie compared to him! lol.

Onto make up now hehe. Loving the colour of that Rimmel Lipstick, seems as though its been escaping me too hehe, have to pick that up! and the mini Bourjois lipgloss is soooo cute!!! want one for my keyring!