Tuesday, December 22, 2009

weekly poll thing

Mood: I'm actually feeling good - happy and excited because it's nearly Christmas, but I'm very sleepy now

Left or right handed? Right handed, although I did use my left hand when I broke my right arm when I was 19

Where do you consider home? London is my home, North London to be precise.. But wherever my son is, that's home for me

Three things you’re grateful for? My son, a warm home and having a job offer for next year

Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes are literally just maybelline collosal mascara, lips are palmers cocoa butter lip balm and cheeks are bare - lazy day :)

Have you ever studied abroad? No, I never felt the urge to do that. There are so many parts of the world I want to see though

What do you collect? make up mostly, magazines, stationary, pink things!

Last text you sent? A verrrrry long one to Christopher

Outfit: Grey lounge bottoms and a blue and grey zebra print top - indoor wear only! lol

Weekly goals: Enjoy every moment of Olivers first Christmas ♥