Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Playboy Cosmetics.. Yes, really!

My Mum came home from her usual weekly food shop with a smirk on her face and when I asked her why, she said she had bought some make up for me and it was only £1 per item as it was all on sale..
I was instantly suspicious and I admit, I expected really awful stuff to appear from her shopping bags that I would never ever wear!
When she started unpacking it I started laughing - Playboy, really?!
But you know what, it's not half bad.

Once you get over the shock of the hot pink and silver packaging and actually look at the products, you forget all about the brand.
I don't know how much the products normally retail at, but for £1 I honestly can't complain about anything I got.

Now for some pics:

The goodies- 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 lip glosses and 3 lip liners:

The liners and glosses:

Left: blush in "Nymphette" and Right: "Peach Bunny":

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Eyeshadows, clockwise from top left- "After Hours", "Primped and Proper", "Hollywood Nights" and "Party":

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Lipglosses- left "Bikini Martini" and right "Hefs Favourite, Playboy Pink":

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Lip liners (double ended)- "Mauve-a-lous", "In the Buff", and "Pinky Pout":

Other ends of the lip liners in the same order:

Now, first of all, these pictures were taken on my phones camera so the way the colours of the products appear aren't completely spot on - near, but not perfect.
So here are some descriptions; skip this bit if you like lovelies :) ♥

♠ The blush in "Nymphette" is a pinky plum colour, whilst
♠ "Peach Bunny" is a true peach.
♠ "After Hours" eyeshadow has a white and a dark grey blue, both with shimmer.
♠ "Primped and Proper" has a matte light peach and a shimmery peachy pink colour.
♠ "Hollywood Nights" has a matte pinky lilac and a shimmery midtone brown.
♠ And "Party" has a midtone pink and a taupe kind of colour, both with shimmer.
All powder products have fairly good pigmentation and are so smooth to apply - they feel very velvety.
♠ The "Bikini Martini" lip gloss has quite thick consistency, is a plumy pink colour and has small shimmers in - the smell isn't great but it isn't noticable once applied :) "Hefs Favourite" is more of a hot pink colour with a more liquidy consistency and has a slightly sweet, candy-ish smell to it which I personally like but I know some people don't.
♠ The lipliners are really good as they have two colours in each one - one darker and one lighter end. So if you own lipsticks in the same colour range but they're in different shades, these things come in handy! The only aspect I feel needs noting here is that the pink one is quite deep in colour on both ends, so perhaps this wouldn't be suitable to combine with a paler pink lipstick.

I remember my seeing the Playboy Cosmetics range in a big sale in Superdrug maybe a year or two ago at a similar time, so it's always worth keeping an eye out if you miss out once - you might get the chance to grab a bargain again :D

I'm really happy with all of the products I got, especially as they were only £1 each, and this experience has really taught me not to be such a make up snob!
Honestly, I wouldn't have even looked at this stuff before my Mum bought it home because I always assumed that the quality would be pretty bad but I have found that the products I have tried are all fairly long lasting, apply really nicely and the pigmentation of the colours is good - so I really have very little to complain about!
Next time I'm out shopping and I see make up on sale, I won't be so quick to judge and will have a quick swatching session before I make my mind up!

I might to an eye of the day or even face of the day using some of these products soon, so if you would like to see what they look like on the skin then leave a comment on this post and let me know darlings.

Hugs as always
- Nikki xoxo


Charlotte said...

I agree, I wouldn't have expected much from Playboy but it doesn't look half bad :).
Please could you do a FOTD!

peachylaaa said...

of course hun, thanks so much for the comment :)
i will try and do it sometime this week!

Katkins1982 said...

I got a liquid eyeshadow which is ok, and a lipstick, I love the packaging of the lipstick, but it does smell a bit!

peachylaaa said...

the packaging of the lipstick is cute isn't it, my mum got one but she hasn't told me what she thinks of it yet :)
smelly lip products are so annoying though!