Sunday, February 07, 2010

fotd, mums make up, new hair &mini haul!

Hi lovelies!
First of all, I'm sorry this post is a bit delayed - was going to finish and put it up Monday but I've had a lot of personal issues going on and I haven't had the time or drive to do it..
Better late than never though, as I always say!
Anyway, let's get on with it ♥


I used some more of the new Playboy Cosmetics I wrote about :)
This time I used the "Primped and Proper" eyeshadow duo - I put the darker colour all over the lid and the lighter colour on the browbone and inner corner.
For blush I used "Nymphette" which comes out such a nice colour - maybe it's just because of my skintone, but it seemed quite different to how it looks in the container.
On the lips I used the lighter end of "Pinky Pout" lipliner, then the "Playboy Pink" lipgloss.
I really like this gloss as the colour payoff is great, yet it's not sticky at all..
And when used with the lipliner it really stayed put!

You can also see my new hair colour in the top pic!
I will try and take a better picture today or tomorrow though as I know it doesn't show up very strongly here.
I used the Garnier Morello Cherry Deep red and I really like it!
I used to dye my hair a similar colour when I was in my teens so it's pretty weird having it like this again, haha!
It's not far off my natural colour to be honest, just more of a richer red and less brown to it.

Mums make up!:

Mum bought some new make up while we were out shopping on Friday, so I said I'd do her make up for her on Saturday :)
She's been asking me to do this for a while now because she gets bored of using the same techniques and felt like a change.
I kept it pretty simple because she wanted something that wasn't too striking while she was out running errands and walking the dog.
I used pinks and lilacs on the eyes and her new Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Fresh Glow Baked Mineral blushes - the pink one of the apples of the cheeks and the peachy one as a highlight.
After using these I have to say I am so tempted to get some - they're gorgeous!
And at Boots it's £2 off some of the Prestige line so it's a good time to go and get a bargain :D
On Mums lips we just used a midtone pink lipstick with gloss over the top which is her fave.

Mini Haul:

So as I mentioned, I went shopping on Friday and amongst the things I picked up were these little goodies..

(without flash):

(with flash):

We have Clearasil Stayclear Tinted Treatment Cream, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polishes in BMX Bandit (blue) and Dynasty (pinky lilac), Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Baked Shadow Quad in Bijou and Sally Hansen Cornsilk Shine Control Classic Translucent Pressed Powder.

I asked for the Benefit Powderflage for my birthday, so I'm looking forward to comparing that and the powder I got here - I use it under the eyes to set my concealer and it really brightens up the area :)

The only other thing I've tried so far is the blue nail polish - I love the colour as it's really different to anything else in my collection but I have to say the staying power isn't excellent which I guess you'd expect as it's only £1.75 a bottle..
I put a good base coat on, 2 coats of the polish then a top coat and it was starting to chip a day later!
Nevermind, it's still pretty so I will carry on using it.
I haven't tried the lilacy colour yet but I really want to as I've heard quite a few ladies saying they like it!

I'm off shopping again tomorrow because I need to get some new clothes and things for Oliver (he's getting huge!) as well as start looking for the birthday cake I want to get him - he's turning one on the 21st and we're having a little party with family, so that should be interesting!
Anyway, if I get anything for myself that I think you lovelies might be interested in seeing, I'll do another blog post at the weekend, providing nothing else happens with my family :)

Hugs as always
- Nikki

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Playboy Cosmetics FOTD and hair update!

Today I used some of the products featured in my previous blog post and I thought I weould show you how it turned out :) ♥

Without flash:

With flash:


Eye with flash:

Lips with just lipliner (paler end of "Pinky Pout"):

Swatches of all three double ended lipliners (no flash) from L-R, "Pinky Pout", "Mauve-a-lous", and "In the Buff":

Swatches with flash:

For blush I used "Peach Bunny" and on my eyes I used "After Hours" and "Party".
After applying an eye primer, I took the "Party" duo and used the pink colour all over the lid with the taupe in the outer v and crease area.
I then took the shimmery white colour from "After Hours" and put that on the browbone and inner corner.
Simple! but quite pretty for an everyday look I thought.
I will do a different eye on Saturday and use one of the Playboy lip glosses as well so you can see what they're like :)
Anyway! I hope you this has been helpful or enjoyable in some sort of way, haha!

As for my hair - I have let it go back to its natural colour and I'm planning on dying it on Saturday using one of the Garnier hair dyes from the Cherry Collection.
My hair was also getting long and heavy so I cut it today (I always cut my own hair - hairdresser phobia much!) and chopped quite a bit of the length off - it's so much quicker to wash and dry which comes in really handy because I'm always running around with my son.
It's still got some layers in it and it's not too short (short hair does not suit me at all!) so I'm happy with it for now.
My hair grows really quick so once some of the length has come back I think I might try and face my hairdresser phobia because I want to try getting long layers and a side fringe :)

Right, that's it for now.
I might have a haul post for you soon as I'm going shopping Friday :D
If I do get some goodies I might put it in with my next fotd post on Saturday.

Hugs as always
- Nikki