Friday, May 28, 2010

Where have I been...?

Good question!

Some of you may already be aware of this news if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, but I will repeat it here anyway for those of you who are none the wiser and interested :)

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I'm going to be a mummy again!
And I had a little bit of worry a week ago with regards to how the pregnancy is going (everything's fine now, as far as I know), so to be completely honest I haven't felt like I have anything relevant or important to write about in terms of beauty or shopping etc. - my mind has been full of babies and motherhood and not much else.

All I care about is my children and that they are okay; my babies are my number one priority (as they always have been and always will be).. ♥

The past few days have been hard and busy, as Oliver has decided that he is going through the "Terrible Twos" despite the fact that he is only 15 months old - my mum thinks he knows he is going to be a big brother and this is his chosen form of protest, haha :D

On top of all of this, we are also househunting right now, looking for the place that will be our first, owned family home.
Chances are, we won't move in fully until the new bubba is here because, quite frankly, I have made a huge song and dance about wanting the same midwife team I had with Oliver, and I won't get them any other way than staying where I am now a little longer.
I love those women! They understood everything I needed and wanting during my pregnancy and birth and once my son was born and they went on their way, I missed them all.
So we will hopefully buy the house and get it set up while I'm pregnant, then move in altogether once bubs is here :)

Exciting yes, but also quite stressful! We are hoping to move somewhere commuter friendly on the outskirts of London for Steves work, but what we want in a house does not come cheap on the commuter belt :(
It makes me so cross, seeing very average houses costing so very much purely because they're in a slightly better area in regards to travel.. Grr.

Anyway! So there is a lot to think about and do, it's a busy time for us.
I have a scan on the 23rd of June and everytime I think about it, my tummy flips and I feel sick, then I get this massive buzz of excitement - I just want everything to be okay so badly..
I don't know when my due date is or exactly how far along I am in my pregnancy because of my irregular cycles but my gp thinks I will be somewhere around 12 weeks by the time of the scan - we'll see!

I'll update here and post scan pics for anyone who wants to see or hear more :)
For now, here is a pic of my darling Olibear with my positive pregnancy result..

I think this blog is going to become a lot more personal in the coming months as obviously my life is changing now - clearly I still adore make up and discovering new lovely things so that will still feature here, don't get me wrong..
But it's going to be more of a mix here now, and I think that's a good thing :)

Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now.
Hugs to everyone who reads ♥

- Nikki xoxo

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Three Nicknames I go by:
♥ Nikki
♥ Peaches
♥ Mum

Three Jobs I've had:
♥ Babysitter
♥ Nursery Nurse
♥ Teaching Assistant

Three Places I've Lived:
♥ Tottenham, North London (family home)
♥ Church Langley, Essex (briefly)
♥ Wood Green, North London (briefly)

Three Favourite Drinks:
♥ Tropical juice
♥ Milk (&milkshakes)
♥ Water

Three TV shows I watch:
I don't watch anything regularly but..
♥ Eastenders
♥ Documentaries
♥ Property shows

Three Places I've Been:
♥ Prague
♥ Spain
♥ Wales

Three Places I Want to Visit:
♥ Las Vegas
♥ The Lake District
♥ Ireland (again)

Three People Who Text Me A Lot:
♥ Ste
♥ Mum
♥ That's it - clearly nobody loves me lol :/

Three Favourite Dishes:
♥ Chicken curry
♥ Anything involving pasta, I love it!
♥ Christmas dinner

Three Makeup Products I Couldn't Live Without:
♥ Black liquid eyeliner
♥ Concealer
♥ Lip balm

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
♥ My son walking
♥ Having another baby at some point, I can't wait
♥ Us buying our first home together

So that's all the questions lovelies, if you haven't done this then please do and leave the link in the comments section of this post as I'd love to know more about you all :)

I found this tag on Tors blog.. so go check her out, she's a lovely lady with a gorgeous blog!

Hugs as always

- Nikki xoxo