Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Three Nicknames I go by:
♥ Nikki
♥ Peaches
♥ Mum

Three Jobs I've had:
♥ Babysitter
♥ Nursery Nurse
♥ Teaching Assistant

Three Places I've Lived:
♥ Tottenham, North London (family home)
♥ Church Langley, Essex (briefly)
♥ Wood Green, North London (briefly)

Three Favourite Drinks:
♥ Tropical juice
♥ Milk (&milkshakes)
♥ Water

Three TV shows I watch:
I don't watch anything regularly but..
♥ Eastenders
♥ Documentaries
♥ Property shows

Three Places I've Been:
♥ Prague
♥ Spain
♥ Wales

Three Places I Want to Visit:
♥ Las Vegas
♥ The Lake District
♥ Ireland (again)

Three People Who Text Me A Lot:
♥ Ste
♥ Mum
♥ That's it - clearly nobody loves me lol :/

Three Favourite Dishes:
♥ Chicken curry
♥ Anything involving pasta, I love it!
♥ Christmas dinner

Three Makeup Products I Couldn't Live Without:
♥ Black liquid eyeliner
♥ Concealer
♥ Lip balm

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To:
♥ My son walking
♥ Having another baby at some point, I can't wait
♥ Us buying our first home together

So that's all the questions lovelies, if you haven't done this then please do and leave the link in the comments section of this post as I'd love to know more about you all :)

I found this tag on Tors blog.. so go check her out, she's a lovely lady with a gorgeous blog!

Hugs as always

- Nikki xoxo


Marce said...

These tags are so much fun! I loved reading your answers...how I'd love to visit Ireland :)

Terri said...

Hi sweets!

Came across your blog through another gorgeous girls - love it! Will definitely be a follower now. Your boy is super cute!!


Peachypops said...

Marce: Ireland is a wonderful place, I think everyone should visit and enjoy it :) xo

Terri: Thank you so much love!
I love it when people get some enjoyment out of reading my posts :)
Aww, thanks - I'm very proud of my little boy <3