Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Revlon Apricot Chiffon and Benefit Sippin' n Dippin'

Hi again all!
I don't know if anyone is reading this as I'm losing followers, but I enjoy blogging so I'll carry on writing whenever I can :)

Things have been busy as ever; my mum is moving from London to a house literally opposite mine here in Essex and I can't wait!
It's been manic helping her pack and deciding what I wanted to keep from my old bedroom at her house, as well as all the usual mummy/ housewifely duties but I'm so excited, it's worth the tiredness ♥

I've been using pretty minimal make-up the past week or so and looking through my collection to find little hidden treasures that will make my life easier.
One thing that I've really been appreciating is cream shadows..
My skintone is pretty uneven on my eyelids and they get a little bit oily at times, so I need something I can apply quickly that will stay put!
Some time ago I was in the local Poundland looking at the make-up (you never know what goodies they'll have, although it is completely hit and miss) when I found a cream shadow by Revlon called "Apricot Chiffon".
I couldn't see much through the packaging but I figured that it wasn't the end of the world if I didn't end up liking it very much as it was so cheap!
I ended up really enjoying it in the end, as it's a pretty colour, makes a good base for powder shadows and looks nice and simple on its own to boot.
More recently I purchased the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/ Liner in "Sippin' n Dippin'".
When I put it on it reminded me of something I already had, but I couldn't remember what..
Then I rediscovered my Apricot Chiffon, and I thought I'd compare the two:

As you can see from the photos, the two pots are almost the same size and both are pretty shades of peach with golden shimmery undertones.
I would say the Benefit shadow is much more gold, whereas the Revlon is much more peachy.
They both offer a similar amount of coverage and both last well when worn alone on the lid.
The Benefit shadow is of a slightly higher quality/ standard as you would expect, but to be honest I think that if you're on a budget and want a pretty cream shadow like these ones, you'd be more than happy with the Revlon - I've made a big dent in my pot and I know I'll be a bit sad when it's gone as I haven't seen it for sale anywhere since - fingers crossed it can be found online :)
I am tempted to try MAC's Paintpot in "Rubenesque" but keep stopping myself from buying it as there are only so many peachy cream shadows a girl can justify having, haha!
We'll see..

If you have any questions about these products or would like to see swatches on my eyes please ask away!

Big hugs,
- Nikki xo


LoveAtFirstBite said...

There are some of us that are still reading your blog lovely! :D The Revlon cream eyeshadow is so pretty and such a bargain! xx

Peachypops said...

Aww, thank you sweetheart, I'm glad! :D
It really is a lovely colour and so cheap, if I find it in the shops again I'm buying them all, haha xx