Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleek: A little something special?

I'm aware that everyone and their mother has done a blog post or YouTube video about this, but I have been so excited to get my hands on this palette that I had to throw in my two pennies worth! :)

I am of course talking about the Sleek "Oh So Special" palette.
When I heard about it I was instantly intrigued - you know I love my neutral eye looks and I've wanted the Urban Decay "Naked" palette for a long time but have resisted..
A lot of people have said that if you want something similar on a budget then this is your best bet, so I hurried to my mum's local Superdrug as that's where I was at the time.
I found the tester straight away but they'd sold out, so I ordered my palette directly from the Sleek website for £6.49 plus £2.95 p&p.
It is part of the permanent line so there is no rush to buy it, unless you're over-excited like me, haha!

Now time for some pictures (click on them to enlarge)..

I love the box it comes in, so pretty..

The actual palette is just the standard black though, was slightly disappointed about that :(

And here are the 12 shadows - a mix of matte and shimmer shades..

Some swatches..

For some reason "Gateau" didn't show up very well in the photo, but it is a really pretty shimmery golden pink in person, just the kind of colour I love!
I'm sure it would look even more gorgeous with a base underneath, but so far I've just put the shadow straight on to the lids and I am so happy and impressed with it so far.
As always, these mineral shadows are buttery smooth, easy to apply and blend and have great pigmentation.
There are also plenty of matte shades here for those of you who like a good mix - personally I like the shimmers best of all, I love the sparkle!
There is enough of a variation in colours to create many looks and I'm really excited about using it more and sharing my experiences with you :)

Do you have the "Oh So Special" palette or are you skipping this one?
If you have it, what do you think of it - do you think it's worth the hype that surrounds it?


- Nikki xo


Cherry said...

This palette definitely looks more 'me' Pretty colours!

Peachypops said...

I know what you mean - some of the other palettes have been a bit too adventurous for my tastes! :) x

Bethany Heron said...

Ooh it looks gorgeous :D xx