Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here I am again..

I'm feeling slightly ridiculous as I sit here typing this with one hand while I hold a sleeping Isabella with the other..
I feel like all I ever write about is why I haven't posted in so long and I want to stop doing that, so this will be my final time explaining it.

Life has taken some downward turns lately..
My son Oliver has some ongoing health issues and I've been very busy taking him to different appointments then researching and reading during my free time, so I have to admit that blogging was at the bottom of my list of priorities unfortunately.
I'm not going in to any major details yet, but once we have an official diagnosis I'll be happy to talk about it; it's hard bottling it all up inside when it's such a big thing to me.
Anybody who knows me knows that I am a sensitive soul and that my children are my world, so this has hit me hard.
However, I feel it's important to reach out to others in similar situations and share information and experiences, so I will be blogging at random times (whenever I have a moment) and it won't always be beauty/ shopping related - this will be more of a "documenting my life" type of blog; a place to record and share whatever is going on.
I know this won't be everyones cup of tea and that's fine, I'll understand if some subscribers choose to leave.

Now that part of this post is over, I'm going to finish with some things that have brightened my days lately..

1] Autumn /winter: This is my absolute favourite time of the year - a time for bundling up cosy and warm in gloves and scarves when you leave the house, to look up at clear night skies and see your breath in the air and most fun of all, a time to do lots of pretty crafts with the kids ♥
My kitchen is full of things the kids and I have made (almost all involving glitter at some point, haha) and I'm sure the dining table has glue all over it, but I don't care - I wouldn't have it any other way.
We're getting our Christmas tree soon and I cannot wait to decorate it.

2] Isabella learning new words: My little girl is a baby no more!
She will be 11 months old on the 1st of December and she is now a very loud and mobile toddler.
It seems like she says or does something new every day, but some of my favourite new words have been "BEAR!", "Ta!" (as she's giving you something or taking an object from you) and "Atchoo!" when she actually coughed, bless her heart.
She makes me very proud.

3] Oliver learning to count to 10: This is a big deal! He's refused to do this for the longest time but suddenly loves to count random objects with me, it's adorable.
Moments like that fill me with pure mumma-joy; I love to see him learn and grow in confidence.

4] Books: I've always been a bookworm (something that both of my children have inherited from their mumma), but they have become a massive part of my life once again recently.
From the time Isabella was born I had no time to read and at the risk of sounding extremely sad, it really did break my heart a little bit.
But now when the children are asleep at night (after their own books have been read), I try to take an hour or so to catch up on research then read a bit of something more lighthearted - I am currently reading "In Tearing Haste" which is a book of letters between Deborah Devonshire and Patrick Leigh Fermor, and "Mini Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella and I love them both ♥

5] Horses: I have always adored horses and other "countryside" animals but since I moved out of London I see them all the time and I'm so happy about that - there are lots of horses near where I live and I take the children to see them whenever I can.
The children aren't keen yet (they must seem quite huge and scary to the little ones!) but I'm hoping they'll change their minds as they grow older and maybe we'll even go riding one day!
Horses have such a calming effect on me, and I always feel much better once I've spent some time with them on what was a once stressful day.

So that's that really!
As I said, I won't promise to write again soon, instead I'll leave you with a few piccies and that'll be that until next time.

Hugs as always,

Nikki xo